The Event Center

What would I do with a free plot of land and unlimited resources? I’d begin building the vision I have seen since my young adult years.   Imagine a beautiful 100 year old barn located in the soft rolling hills of southern Ohio. Just to the left of the white-washed barn is a large white gazebo, with red rosebushes surrounding its circled walls. Behind these two structures is a pond with a fountain spraying from the center. A perfect backdrop between the gazebo and barn.

To get to the gazebo, you’d have to cross the little stream that runs from the pond. There’s a wooden arched garden bridge that connects the two shores.   The trail you follow is bordered by pink Rose Thrift, their colors popping along their grassy mounds.

There would be a white open-board fence along the driveway to the barn with cottage flowers all along the way. Baby alpacas would be grazing to the right. Just beyond the alpaca field is a row of tiny cottages, their window boxes a delight of color.

Here, in this magical place, people could come to celebrate their special moments in life. They could get married. Or say goodbye to their loved one. They could stay and rest for a few days in the cottages. They could walk along the paths that connect the barn to the gazebo to the alpacas to the cottages. They could enjoy the pink of the sunrise and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun set.

All this is what I would do if I was given the chance to make it happen.


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